The creativity of Francesco Russo and Cristina Carnevali set up the new project T-JEWELS / WEEKLY-CRISTALS and the leitmotiv is the same: evolutions of prints and Swarovski on natural fiber as wool, cotton, silk of the highest quality and silky-softy viscose. The embellishment are carried out in the small laboratory of the headquarter. The accessory combined to the garments are in exclusivity for T-JEWELS and WEEKLY-CRISTALS, produced in the workshops of Carpi district. The look and mood T-JEWELS and WEEKLY-CRISTALS reflect the the uniqueness of Made in Italy Francesco Russo and Carnevali Cristina have a portfolio of around 700 boutiques in Italy and the rest of the world (Europe, China, Japan, U.A. Emirates, Russia).

LOOKBOOK WTJ Fall/Winter 2018