Invicta Ss18 13 - Panorama Moda Multibrand Fashion Showroom - Marchi distribuiti


Summer is around the corner  and what can be better that leaving city for the weekend and going tracking or exploring the nature. Fresh air, beautiful views..the great addition will be just the right equipment. And we have something interesting for you, the new Spring/Summer Invicta collection innovates new but at the same time following it's historic origins. Did you know that the company was born in UK in 1906 and after opened it's first show in Borgo del fumo in 1921? Real Italian quality made in the district of Turin. 
In 1933 the company was developing fast and invents the rigid frame backpack, originally designed for use on mountaineering expeditions. 
During the second world war the backpacks produced by Invicta become standard military equipment. Invicta accompanies the world's bravest mountaineers to the Himalayas, the Alps and the Andes. 
In 1980 Invicta made a big transformation from a lightweight mountain pack to an urban icon of style and the Italian spirit.