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The brand G!NA GORGEOUS was born from a creative idea of Federica Gualandi and Cristiano Ganassi, strong experiences in the world of Design and Communication, Federica and Cristiano are complementary and unique in defining the stylistic code of the Collection, she is delicate romantic and dreamer, he is urban with strong avant-garde contaminations.

Federica born in 1986, she began her career as a designer at Trussardi in 2009. She ventured with the international important companies, in 2012 she founded a brand where she will be creative manager and within a few years she gained particular importance in Italy and abroad.Careful connoisseur of the international fashion scene, instinctively reflects its vision of life style on social networks, where in a short time it has become a point of reference for thousands of followers, until deciding to realize its vision in the G collection! Cristiano, born in 1969, has always followed his instinct, a marked sensitivity pushes him from the beginning to deal with the codes of aesthetics, where innovation and beauty are concepts to be explored and experimented. Stylist, photographer, artist, has reached important professional heights, today responsible for the image of some of the most representative Italian companies in the world, constantly collaborating with the greatest photographers, fashion editors and communication agencies of the international fashion scene. The Brand founded by Federica Gualandi and Cristiano Ganassi, comes from the attraction for the gothic culture, where the borders become evanescent, masculine and feminine, hard and soft, romantic and rough, cared and mistreated, some of the opposites that characterize the careful stylistic work of the debut collection.The contemporary is at the base of the creative DNA of the Brand, the passion for recovery, gives life to a collection mainly based on cotton, deconstructed, decomposed, interpreted in a rough mood, punk influences embellished with craft interventions refer to the influences of the creative avant-garde.