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It’s from the business ability and ambition to introduce in a particular portion of market a product Italian made with distinctive identity loud and clear, that was founded in 2010, the Michael Coal brand. The Michael Coal trousers are the core business of the house, they are the result of as long-term investment made by a group of specialists determined to create a unique product of its kind, in the realization of handmade details and in the use of fabrics and exclusive raw materials. In July 2015 Michael Coal invest in a new project and looks in the shirt sector, proposing a contemporary style collection.

Michael Coal has an important nationwide coverage and is expanding its presence in foreign markets. The products are distributed in the best concept stores, as well as in the most exclusive e-commerce. It is aimed at a varied public, able to recognize style, functionality and practicality of the design-fashion Michael Coal.

The brand is also dedicated, to the creation of private label projects, aimed at the creation of ad-hoc pants for customers who request it. Another key factor for the entire work group that rep- resents the style department of the company is the ability to give the product a guideline in terms of taste, with extreme precision guidance. This maximum internal cohesion creates the conditions so that the product of the MC line assert themselves more and more in its target market and destined to be an ever more considered BRAND. The accuracy and precision of the product allows us to be strongly identified as the brand that makes Smart Classic trousers with a captivating character in complete accordance with the dynamic reality of our times.

If someone asked me: what would you do? I would answer: exactly what I do. This response is what creates the exact position that carries the stylistic activities within the Germin Group. Hence, the philosophical expression of our collections that are inspired by a requirement that the entrepreneur himself has wanted to tell, giving its own interpretation, spontaneous, instinctive baring for the customer to interpret himself. This cultural choice, transferred to our products, is creating very positive effects with regard to the brand, creating a domino effect on our customers of which they have enjoyed and continue to enjoy today.

The collections highlight the elegant and innovative style that has always characterized the brand’s soul.
Clean lines and meticulous attention to detail are the essence of the collection. Michael Coal strengths are in processing and trouser finish that particularly enhance the fabric creating an image in casual chic style.

The Michael Coal brand is a product born with male DNA a man who interprets in a contemporary way. Their man has classical roots but lives in contemporary updated fashion. The brand's guideline is to dress a man who wears products with classic content, but with up to date forms and volumes of the time. They want their men to feel always young in spirit and winning. The maniacal attention to detail, the fit, the attention to finishing, the utmost care in materials research are the ingredients that make up the value of our products.