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Oversize – the new autumn/winter 2018-19 creations are focused on over-shaping, inspired by the japanese kimono and reinterpreted to be suitable for different materials.

Shearling – It is one of the “must” in the Suprema collection: designers have created printing patterns with a “textile effect” inside the reversible garments. The result is something unique.

Urban Cloak – New shapes give a different identity  to the furs; mink coats range from a reinterpretation of the parka to the cape with hood.

Marker – The collection is enriched by a bright colors palette: from the shiny orange to the ruby red and the cobalt blue. A glamorous touch remembering the ‘80s that enriches also the denim jackets.

The aim of  Alfio Vanuzzo and Morena Baldan has always been the excellence. Since 1981, foundation year of Suprema, a leader company in the leather and shearling outerwear. The collections have been expanded in the fur world, reinterpreting fur coats in a modern way, with the aim of creating contemporary, sophisticated and recognisible garments.

“Many people ask us which has been the inspiration for the name of our brand. When me and my wife decided to start this project, we said “it must be something strong, that gives energy and positive mood, for reaching the excellence”. The name “Suprema” conviced us, immediately.” Alfio Vanuzzo, founder

Today, in the company board there is the son Alberto, 28, in sales and pr area. The headquarter is in Dolo, Venice, in the heart of the Riviera del Brenta, a famous area for the manufacturing of leather.

Today Suprema is focused on luxury outerwear from the wool/cachemire coats, with fur details, to the shearling garments and mink, sable, and chinchilla coats. The target? ”We want to give a modern style to garments born as “classics”” – says Alberto Vanuzzo. So, we have developed  trims that makes the difference: textile-covered buttons, high quality zips with customized galvanics, and a recognisible golden or silvered chain above the interior label. In the interior lining, a ton-sur-ton satin tape enriches the Suprema furs. Inside and outside, the same care in manufacturing.”

Shearling coat is the must of Suprema. Thanks to thirty years  of experience, every year it is renewed with advanced manufacturing techniques (laser printed, perforated, painted..). The garments are designed with unusual shapes, but timeless style.

“I’ve always maintained my passion for fashion in all Suprema products and I’ve always apply this way of working: extreme care in details. A Suprema coat should be weared today and tomorrow, with the same emotion of the first time” Morena Baldan, designer.

Suprema garments are made only with high quality materials. For example, mink are certified SAGA FURS, finland brand that guarantees the sustainability of the product, and we use spanish merino skins for shearling coats. The design of Suprema garments is refined, elegant but not classic. Suprema collections have a high level retail distribution in worldwide multibrand boutiques.