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Printed shearling, inlayed furs, knit coats in shaded colours, ispired by the Arizona’s mood, by the ‘70s shapes, ready for a trip in the street of the streets: the Route 66.

It’s the dream that Suprema wants to show in the new collection autumn/winter 19/20, linked to the “Arizona Dream” project of Arturo Delle Donne, an homage to the auteur cinema and the books about travels.

The characters are placed in an imaginary and reconstructed environment. The model is the main protagonist of a inexistent environment that evokes the street that everyone would have been able to walk down: the Route 66, with the landscapes, the drugstores, the muscle cars, where the colours become paintings and the dreams are only waiting times.

A combination between fashion, photography, models, technology and special effects. The same with which Suprema would amaze with the new collection, made by warm double wool coats with bicolor combinations and  colour-mached fur trimmings. The overshaped coats are made in neddled multicolor blended cachemire, reproducing the  brush strokes of a painter, or in bicolor textiles manually dyed piece by piece for obtaining the shaded effect.

The must of the new season: the natural cachemire fur. A very fine yarn of white cachemire, with bright and durable long fibers, that  ensure an extremely lightweight

Furs? Suprema uses only SAGA FURS certified skins, with new dying techniques for colour nuances. The garments are enriched by the details that are traditions of the brand: the cachemire inside the hoods, or the satin ribbon in the lining.

The must of Suprema is the shearling: thanks to an accurate selection of the skins, the shearling coats are completely reversibile, with no imperfections in both sides. In the  matte finish, the skins are hand dyed by different steps, in the glossy finish it is necessary to apply an water-repellent film. The actual special effects in the fashion world.