The Bellavitis brand was born from the creativity of two sisters, Eloisa and Tiziana. Two faces of the same medal forged by centuries-old traditions rich in history as the descendants of Pope Gregory XXII. Cornerstones of the collections, entirely produced in Italy, are Jumpsuit, blazers, coats, jackets and Bombers. The two sisters were able to cleverly combine tradition and eclecticism, giving originality, boldness and class to their garments. Their highly identifiable style is characterised by great creativity and a refined and contemporary sensibility. They give life to unique creations and feminine suggestions rich in glamour. There are also multiethnic contaminations, which only a careful citizen of the world can recognize. The Bellavitis woman is free, brave, and wants to stand out with a unique and authentic style. Eloisa and Tiziana make tailoring, attention to detail and Made in Italy their strengths.