Gammon continues its interpretative path of the rain garment further renewing the concept of fashion outerwear, man and woman, which distinguishes it. The project combines fashion and technical content, creating sophisticated and innovative garments, of great aesthetic impact and, at the same time, comfortable. The fall/winter 2020/21 collection, maintaining performance, style and color, evolves with a rainwear printed with iconic woven fabrics - Tweed, Prince of Wales, Pied de Poule, etc. - which combine with contemporary volumes and technical details, giving the garments a 'urban fashion' attitude. Garments always perfect in case of rain and wind, thanks to the use of technical fabrics, heat-sealed seams, air intakes to optimize the internal temperature and, at the same time, suitable for use at any time of the day thanks to an original search for forms, fit, colors and fabrics that gives any look a strong personality.