LE TRICOT PERUGIA is synonymous with uncompromising quality, craftsmanship, tradition and fashion that is in step with the times in the field of women’s clothing. Founded in 1975 as a company specialising in the production of knitwear, over the years the company, as well as the brand, has become a manufacturer and supplier of a Total Look. In addition to our knitwear, quality woven garments for women complete our collections. A clear statement of high added value and entrepreneurial culture. All of our raw materials, from the yarn to individual accessories, are purchased in Italy. The entire production takes place partly at the company headquarters in Perugia, and in part, at nearly 120 small workrshops throughout the Umbrian territory. One of the fundamental assets of the brand is represented by a chain of production that operates under conditions that respect the environment, and where only natural yarns are used. The yarns and fabrics all come from the best Italian suppliers and the brand is known as one of the largest consumers of linen and cashmere in the Italian raw materials market. The management of quality at LE TRICOT PERUGIA ensures, on a daily basis, that this philosophy be respected in every way. The region of Umbria and the producers within its territory are highly respected for their quality, tradition and craftsmanship, both nationally and internationally. The precision and excellent quality of our goods and customer service is entrusted to some forty employees who work at the headquarters in Perugia, the staff of our seat based in Germany and to more than 120 workshops and free-lance contractors throughout Umbria. The company’s greatest asset is its human capital: teamwork is the true strength of LE TRICOT PERUGIA. The relationship between those who commission the work and those who execute the work continue to grow closer. Two young, passionate designers, both born and trained in Germany, manage the designs where every day, they work alongside the owner of the company, Tiziano Ragnacci, and his two sons, Vincenzo and Lorenzo. Our relevant markets are in Europe, and in Germany, in particular. Export turnover accounts for close to 65% of sales. Among our most important foreign markets, we count Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, the United States and Canada. We supply upwards of 400 Premium Customers worldwide. In our showrooms in Milan and Düsseldorf, LE TRICOT PERUGIA annually presents two main collections. Our foreign subsidiary (GmbH) has its offfices at our showroom in Düsseldorf.