Sebago is an American brand with 74 years of history, The first sailing shoe was in 1948, the patent for which, however, was sold to Uniroyal. In 1950 Sebago-Moc reaches a turnover of $1 million, and by 1952, daily production rises to 2,000 pairs of shoes: a new factory is built. In 1965 the company also begins selling in Europe, thanks to a partnership with entrepreneur Francisco Gaudier. In 1963 the production of women’s shoes begins; in 1970 the Docksides® sailing model, another best seller of the brand, is launched on the market. With the occasion, the company’s name is simplified to Sebago®. Among the most popular styles you can find the Koala model with a para sole, an icon of fashion and comfort, the Classic Dan College Moccasin with a leather or rubber sole, and the ever-popular models of the Sebago Campsides® line.